About AirTAC

Established in 1988, Airtac International Group has rapidly expanded to become a globally recognized brand in pneumatic equipment manufacturing. Some of Airtac’s clients in Asia include  giants like Apple, TSMC, Foxconn and many others.
Originating in Taiwan, Airtac offers an extensive range of pneumatic equipment including actuators, valves, and air preparation units. Known for their cost-effective and quality products, Airtac serves various industries, including packaging, automotive, and textile manufacturing. Their global manufacturing and distribution network ensure product availability and support worldwide.

Key Value Propositions

Cost-Effectiveness Without Compromise

Airtac's primary value proposition lies in its ability to offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. They achieve this through efficient manufacturing processes, economies of scale, and a strategic focus on value engineering.

Comprehensive Product Range

Airtac offers a broad spectrum of pneumatic components, allowing customers to source multiple products from a single supplier. This range ensures that Airtac can cater to the full breadth of customer needs, from standard parts to specialized items for complex systems.

Customer-Centric Approach

Airtac places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. They have responsive customer service teams and offer technical support, ensuring that clients have all the assistance they need to select, install, and maintain their pneumatic systems.

Global Reach with Localized Service

With a strong manufacturing base and an extensive distribution network, Airtac ensures product availability and customer support across the world. They balance their global presence with localized service, providing customers with the benefits of international reach and the convenience of local expertise.

AirTAC Product Families

Control Components made by Airtac

Control Components

Actuators manufactured by Airtac, NFPA cylinders, Round line cylinders, compact Cylinders, guided and slide table cylinders


Preparation Units by Airtac, FRL filters, pressure switch and vacuum components

Preparation Units

Air Grippers


Airtac guiding rails


Cylinders & Rotary tables

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