Privacy Policy

Humphrey Automation Inc. (“HAI”) is committed to protecting the privacy rights of its clients, suppliers as well as all other with whom it deals. We will take every step to maintain the confidentiality of your information. This Privacy Policy governs HAI’s collection, use and/or disclosure of individual’s personal information.

Accountability: HAI is accountable for all personal information under its care and control. HAI’s Privacy Officer is designated as the person responsible for the Privacy Policy and for the personal information received by HAI. The Privacy Officer can be reached at (905) 479-3633 or by fax at (905) 479-3755 or by e-mail at

Any questions relating to HAI’s handling of personal information should be directed to our Privacy Officer

Purpose: HAI is required to collect and use personal information form its clients in order to provide services to process credit applications to access and update credit worthiness, to open, maintain and process credit card transactions, to administer and process special promotions and contests, for marketing activities, to maintain accounts, to process and deliver invoices and statements as well as other internal administrative functions.

When you visit our web site we may collect and store information about your visit on an anonymous basis. This information will allow us to measure our web site activity, and the effectiveness of individual web pages. Our goal is to save you time by continually updating and improving our web site based upon our visitor’s areas of interest. We may also ask you to include such items as your name business address, email address, company of employment, office phone and fax numbers, area of interest, profession, and other similar information.

HAI will not use personal information for any other purpose other than identified in this Privacy Policy or as otherwise identified at or before the time of collection.

Consent: HAI seeks written consent where possible and appropriate. Sometimes, an individual’s consent may be implied through his or her conduct with HAI.

If HAI requires personal information for a new purpose, it will seek consent for such new use.

Limits for Collecting, Using, Disclosing and Retaining Personal Information

HAI, unless required or permitted by law, does not collect, use or disclose personal information, except when it has obtained consent.

In all cases, HAI limits the amount and type of information collected to that which is necessary to meet the purposes described above. HAI undertakes to keep all personal information it collects strictly confidential. HAI will only retain personal information for the duration of its intended use or as otherwise required by law. Afterwards, all information that does not have a specific purpose or that no longer fulfills its intended purpose will be destroyed in a secure fashion. HAI will only provide personal information to third parties on an “as needed” basis and provided that such third parties agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy.

HAI may provide personal information to affiliated/or companies who manufacture our products, to ensure that these products are manufactured properly and safely. It may also provide personal information to third parties including:

  • Third parties that administer our mailings, services and marketing activities
  • Credit bureaus, for example: Equifax Canada, Dun & Bradstreet, Credit Card Providers, Financial Institutions and Collection Agencies
  • Customer Statement Producers and Mailing Services that process and mail invoices and statements

Safeguarding Personal Information: HAI respects individual’s privacy rights and will protect that privacy as vigorously as possible. HAI stores personal information electronic and physical files that are secure and to which access is restricted.

Accuracy of Personal Information: HAI makes every effort to keep personal information accurate, complete, and current. HAI will update any changes to personal information when received. If HAI holds personal information about an individual which can be established by the individual to be inaccurate, HAI will take reasonable steps to correct it.

Access to Personal Information: By providing your information to HAI, you have consented to these uses and disclosures. You may withdraw your consent at any time upon providing written notice of same to the HAI Privacy Officer. In some cases refusing to provide certain personal information or withdrawing consent may make HAI unable to provide you with its services. All individuals have access to their personal information when requested. HAI will respond to written requests within 30 days of receiving notice. HAI will keep records of inquiries and/or objections and will document their resolution. HAI will conduct all investigations in a timely, fair and impartial manner.

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