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Expertise-Driven Customization

Drawing on our deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, Humphrey Automation provides customized solutions that align seamlessly with specific business requirements.

Engineering Capabilities

Our team of highly skilled engineers utilizes advanced design and manufacturing techniques to deliver bespoke automation solutions and ensure high performance of your automation systems.

Global Synergy

Being part of an international group of companies allows Humphrey Automation to harness global best practices, technological innovations, and diversified expertise.

Quality Assurance

Our rigorous quality assurance processes at every stage of design and manufacturing ensure that the customized assemblies we deliver meet the highest standards, offering reliable and consistent performance.

Our Process

01. Sand Box

Needs Assessment

Initiate detailed discussions to understand your specific requirements.


Using insights from the assessment, we start shaping your unique automation solution.

Design & Validation

We create a design blueprint and validate it through rigorous simulations and tests - Input & Iteration.

02. Assembly

Prototyping & Refinement

We construct a prototype and refine the design based on the observed functionality.


Our skilled technicians manufacture the final solution with utmost precision and quality control.

Quality Assurance & Testing

We perform a thorough quality check and scenario testing on the finished product.

03. Deploy & Support

Installation & Support

We deliver the solution to your facility, provide training, and offer ongoing application support.

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Examples of Our Custom Work

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Tie Rod High force actuator
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