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About Humphrey Products

Founded in the early 1900s Humphrey Products has developed a rich history in innovating fluid control solutions. The company, headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has become a trusted name in the design and manufacture of pneumatic, proportional, and liquid control valves and actuators. Their products find applications in a variety of industries including medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial automation. What sets Humphrey Products apart is their deep-rooted commitment to quality and their ability to innovate solutions tailored to specific customer needs.
Humphrey Automation is their exclusive distributor in Canada.

Key Value Propositions

Pioneering Pneumatic Technology

Humphrey Products is known for its innovative approach to pneumatic system design. Their products, including solenoid valves and air cylinders, are developed with advanced technology that enhances performance and reliability across various applications, from medical devices to industrial machinery.

Exceptional Quality and Durability

With a commitment to high-quality manufacturing standards, Humphrey Products ensures that each item in their extensive product line is built to last and perform consistently under rigorous conditions. This reliability is crucial for customers who depend on precise pneumatic control in critical applications.

Customization and Flexibility

Understanding that one size does not fit all, Humphrey Products excels in offering customizable solutions that meet specific customer requirements. Their ability to adapt products for unique applications sets them apart, providing customers with tailored solutions that precisely fit their operational needs.

Expertise and Global Support

Humphrey Products not only supplies top-tier pneumatic components but also backs them with expert technical support. Their team of specialists offers extensive knowledge and assistance, helping customers select the right products and troubleshoot issues, thereby enhancing the overall service experience and customer satisfaction.

Humphrey Products Overview

iDP Solenoid Valve Series

iDP Solenoid Valve Series

Balanced Solenoid Valves

Balanced Solenoid Valves

ProControl Valve Series

ProControl Valve Series

Air Piloted Valves by Humphrey Products

Air Piloted Valves

Lever Operated Valves by Humphrey Products

Lever Operated Valves

Manual Operated Valves manufactured by Humphrey Products

Manual Operated Valves

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