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Knocks Filtertechnik is at the forefront of precision engineering, bringing the best of German craftsmanship to the world of pneumatic components. Specializing in high-precision filters, regulators, lubricators, and complete pneumatic conditioning systems, Knocks is known for its commitment to technical excellence. Their products are built to withstand the demands of industrial pneumatic applications, ensuring reliability and top-notch performance. With a focus on quality manufacturing standards, Knocks delivers robust and long-lasting components that meet the needs of diverse sectors with ease.

Key Value Propositions

German Engineering and Quality

Knocks embodies the precision and reliability that are hallmarks of German engineering. This ethos is deeply ingrained in their production processes and is a key differentiator in the market.

Longevity and Reliability

Durability is at the core of every product designed by Knocks. This focus on longevity not only ensures reliability but also offers cost savings over time due to reduced maintenance and replacement needs.

Environmental and Energy Efficiency

With an increasing global emphasis on environmental responsibility, Knocks has dedicated efforts towards creating products that are energy-efficient and contribute to sustainable operations for their clients.

Responsive Customer Service

Understanding that customer support is as important as the product itself, Knocks places a high priority on responsive and knowledgeable service, ensuring that customer inquiries and technical support are addressed promptly and effectively.

Knocks Products

Knocks precision filter regulators

Precision Filter Regulators

knocks pressure regulators Standard series

Pressure Regulators

Knock Service units Multi fix series

Service Units – Multi fix Series

Knock Service units Futora series

Service Units Futora Series

Knocks directional control valves multi fix series

Directional Control – Multi Fix

Knocks Precision Pressure regulators

Precision Pressure Regulators

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