This is a Koganei RZ Regulator

Koganei RZ Regulator (Rc and NPT Thread, Mpa and psi Gauge).

Next-generation regulator. Direct drive, pressure regulation system, internal pilot type. Improved flow rate  (close side-by-side spacing possible). Improved operation and maintenance.


Koganei Large FRL series Regulator

Koganei Large FRL series Regulator  


Large F.R.L for high flow regulator.







This is a Koganei Stainless Steel Regulators

Koganei Stainless Steel Regulators  


Perfect for pressure control of solvents used in liquid crystal and semiconductor processes, carrier gas in a pure water circuit, clean air, and gases.




Koganei High Relief Regulator 

Instant response, even when there change in the secondary side pressure is great. Uses an air pilot system.







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