About Koganei

Founded in 1934, Koganei Corporation is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality pneumatic and fluid control products and systems. The Tokyo-based company offers a comprehensive range of products, such as air cylinders, solenoid valves, air preparation equipment, vacuum devices, and more. Serving a diverse range of industries like automotive, electronics, life sciences, and manufacturing, Koganei is renowned for its innovative, reliable, and precision-engineered solutions.

Koganei’s competitive advantages are rooted in its technological leadership and commitment to delivering the highest quality on the market.

Key Value Propositions


As a leading innovator in the pneumatic industry, Koganei continuously introduces advanced, efficient, and high-performance products.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality control measures are in place to ensure that every product upholds the highest standards of reliability and performance.

Customer Support

Koganei is dedicated to providing superior customer service, offering technical support, training, and maintenance services to maximize product utility.

Global Reach

With a robust global network, Koganei ensures reliable product availability and swift customer service across the world.

Koganei Products Overview

Koganei Pneumatic Valves

 Pneumatic Valves

Koganei Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic Actuators

Koganei Sensors and Swithces

Sensors & Switches

Koganei Vacuum equipment

Koganei Vacuum equipment

Koganei Air Preparation

Koganei Air Preparation

Koganei Clean room systems

Clean Room Systems

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