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RTA Italy, established in 1976, is headquartered in the Lombardy region, a hub of Italy’s engineering and industrial activity. Specializing in the development and manufacture of electric drives and control systems, RTA has positioned itself as a key player in the electrical motion industry for over four decades. RTA’s technical expertise and innovation, providing advanced solutions that drive the motion control technology sector forward.

Key Value Propositions

Advanced Technology for High Precision

RTA’s products, with their cutting-edge technology, are ideally suited for applications requiring high precision and reliability. This is particularly relevant for Canada's advanced manufacturing sector, where accuracy and consistency are paramount.

Customizable Solutions for Diverse Industries

The Canadian market is diverse, encompassing industries from automotive to aerospace and energy. RTA’s ability to provide customizable motion control solutions means they can cater to the specific needs of these varied sectors, delivering products that align perfectly with each industry's unique requirements.

Robust Support & Service Network in Canada

Recognizing the importance of local support, RTA’s commitment to providing comprehensive service and support within Canada ensures that clients have easy access to technical assistance and maintenance services, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Integration with Industry 4.0 Technologies

As Canada continues to embrace Industry 4.0, RTA’s products stand out for their compatibility with smart manufacturing technologies. This integration capability is crucial for businesses looking to leverage automation, data exchange, and advanced analytics for improved efficiency and productivity in their operations. RTA's solutions, therefore, represent a forward-thinking choice for Canadian industries aiming to stay at the forefront of technological innovation.

RTA Product Overview

RTA Stepping motor drive, Stepping motor drives series with Step & Direction interface suitable for driving two-phase stepping motors, with four, six or eight terminal

Stepping Motor Drives

RTA stepper motor

Stepping  Motors


Servo Systems


Electric Cylinders

RTA flexible Motion Controller based on the Quad Core Cortex

Motion Controllers

Cooling fans

Colling Fans

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