2- and 3-port Direct Solenoid Operated Valves Designed for Difficult Gas or Liquid Media

Humphrey Products Aggressive Media Solenoid Valves - iDP Series

Aggressive media diaphragm-Poppet iDP 300 Series valve

Balanced Solenoid Valves - Series 2-, 3- and 4-Way Balanced Poppet Type Direct-Acting Solenoid Valves

Balanced Solenoid Valves – 2, 3 and 4 way Poppet Direct Acting IP67 Dust and Moisture proof

310 & 410 Humphrey High Flow Solenoid Valve Series

Humphrey Miniature Solenoid Valves - Series

Miniature 2- or 3-Way Balanced Diaphragm-Poppet Direct-Acting Valve Series

12mm wide HK5 Series
vacuum to 125psi Multi-purpose

Pilot Valve Series Solenoid Valves - Series

Pilot Valve Series
Designed as a Pneumatic Interface for PC/PLC Output

Humphrey CSV Miniature Cartridge Solenoid Valves

CSV Miniature Cartridge Solenoid Valves 2 way & 3 way

320/420 3-way & 4-way, single solenoid air valves. 1/4 pipe direct acting. light weight and high flow

Diaphragm Poppet Solenoid Valves Series

2-, 3- and 4-Way Solenoid-Air Pilot Operated Diaphragm-Poppet Valves Perfect for Difficult, Critical Applications

500 Series Diaphragm-Poppet Vacuum Solenoid Valve ideal for dry, vapor or dirt laden vacuum systems

Humhprey Large Poppet Valves - Series

501 Series Large Poppet Valves Streamlined High Flow Body. Up to 275 SCFM

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