Inspekto S70 - From Unboxing to inspection in a day

No camera to define, no lens to select, no lighting to integrate

The INSPEKTO S70 is an out-of-the-box, fully integrated, plug-and-inspect product. Its AI engines continuously learn and adjust to any changes in production ensuring quality is always spot on.
This standalone plug-and-play solution requires minimal setup, can adapt to changes without external help, and dramatically reduces total Cost of Defect (TCoD).
Experience unwavering support with Inspekto for our S70 system – integrated tech assistance, regular software enhancements, and on-demand troubleshooting, all seamlessly available from within the platform

Serving Proudly Dozens of Verticals + Numerous Use Cases and Applications

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Manual Assembly
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Plastic Molding
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Metal Casting
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PCB Assembly

Redefined Visual Quality Inspection


  • System ready to deploy
  • Extremely quick set-up

Easy to use

  • No machine vision expertise needed
  • Low amount of simple production data
  • Continuous optimization


  • Standardized product
  • Wide range of inspection use-cases
  • Many production processes


  • Low Total cost of ownership
  • Minimal resources to deploy

High performance

  • Accurate & reliable
  • Scalable
  • Resilient

Risk free

  • POC prior to purchase
  • Re-usable for future needs

Multiple Solutions for every application

Whatever your quality assurance needs, we’ve got you covered. Select from a range of configurations tailored to suit your production environment.




Professional Services

Explore our range of adaptable purchasing options, designed for flexibility and convenience

Inspekto created multiple commercial offers to fit any budget considerations. We offer onsite demos and prof of concept, integrate and test before you buy

Decades of deep learning, AI & machine vision experience created Autonomous Machine Vision AI

1ST AI ENGINE: Acquisition

Getting the Image

2ND AI ENGINE: Recognition

Identifying the Part

3RD AI ENGINE: Inspection

Finding the Defect

Discover the Machine Vision solution that fits you best

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